About Us


Who we are?

WeSpace Technologies is a distinguished company driven by a dynamic team of visionary engineers, accomplished scientists, and business-focused professionals.

Our team is composed of exceptional leaders and experienced experts in engineering and scientific domains.

Our CTO, Yigal Harel, brings with him the invaluable experience of serving as the program director for the groundbreaking “Beresheet” program – Israel’s pioneering lunar lander developed by SpaceIL.

With unwavering determination, we are transforming our aspirations into a tangible reality, pushing the boundaries of what is possible today!

Our Vision

WeSpace Technologies’ vision is to become a leading enabler of lunar exploration technology.

Our cutting-edge Autonomously Flying Robotic Systems will revolutionize lunar missions, unlocking invaluable insights into in-situ resources such as water, metals, and minerals. Armed with advanced scientific and engineering sensors, our robots will tirelessly venture into uncharted territories, uncovering potential habitation sites, and unearthing coveted data. Our unwavering commitment is to exceed our customers’ expectations, particularly in the most challenging and inaccessible regions where our unparalleled capabilities thrive—think lunar lava tubes and PSRs (Permanent Shadowed Regions). Together, we will reshape the future of lunar exploration.

Our Mission

WeSpace Technologies’ mission is to provide cutting-edge deep-space technology that will revolutionize the way we explore the Moon and other planets in deep space.

Driven by our unwavering commitment to humanity’s advancement, WeSpace Technologies strives to carve a prominent path within the burgeoning space economy, harnessing the power of innovation and exploration to unlock boundless opportunities for the betterment of all. Together, we venture into the cosmos, pushing the boundaries of possibility and igniting a new era of discovery.

Our Business Model

WeSpace Technologies offers Lunar Exploration as a Service (LEAAS) and data sales. We specialize in providing Lunar Hopper Services to fulfill a range of mission objectives for our esteemed clientele.
Our cutting-edge solution bridges critical gaps in lunar exploration, enabling us to build an invaluable and comprehensive database of lunar resources. This pioneering effort sets us apart in the industry, as no such comprehensive database has ever been established before.

Core Leadership Team

Yifat Feffer

Co-founder & CEO

Yigal Harel

Co-founder & CTO


Chief System Engineer


Head of GNC Team


Michael Stoltz

Strategy Advisor

Our Partners